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JusPlay - Live Trivia Show


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名稱JusPlay APK
版本1.15 (18)
開發人員BeamNext Technologies Pvt Ltd
類別遊戲, 益智

JusPlay - Live Trivia Show 遊戲

JusPlay - 生活瑣事顯示,每天的現金獎勵在8:30 PM應用。參考代碼:jusplay

JusPlay is live trivia show app with the added thrill of real time interaction and daily cash prize.

A host will pose 11 questions incrementally, where you will have a window of 10 seconds to answer each question.

You have to give correct answer in order to attempt next question or you can use two lifelines per show.

We have two type of lifelines are Normal & Premium lifelines.

Normal lifeline can be earned by referring your friends or giving answer of Jackpot question at last of Show. Rules for using Normal Lifeline are

1. Only one Normal lifeline can be used per show.
2. You will get two lifelines for referring your friends.
3. User controlled Lifeline setting in JusPlay gives two features
a. Automatic: Lifeline will be used automatically.
b. Manual: You will be asked whether you want to use lifeline or not.
4. Normal lifeline can not be used as secondary lifeline.

Purchased lifeline is called Premium Lifeline. Rules for using Premimum Lifeline are

1.One premium lifeline can be used per show.
2.Only premium lifeline can be used as second lifeline.
3.Premium lifeline can be purchased through JusPlay wallet/Internet Banking/Debit Card/Credit Card.
4.Premium lifeline can also be used as first lifeline if you don't have lifeline.
5.You will be asked whether you want to use premium lifeline or not.

Note: None of lifeline can be used at first & last question.

After giving all correct answers, you will win or share the prize money.

You can redeem prize money into Indian wallet

Let your brain play a baazi with JusPlay!!! JusPlay is not Just Play or JustPlay but we are making sure you play, win and have fun. JusPlay is most popular and trending quiz show

Refer all your friends to extra lives.

Trivia questions will cover topics around Technology, Food, Sports, Religion, Culture, Politics, Music, Mollywood, Hollywood, History, Geography etc.

This app is helpful to check your knowledge and preparation for competitive exams like UPSC, IAS, Civil Services, CAT, GATE, SSC etc. as well.