Konkani Catholic Bible APK

Konkani Catholic Bible


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名稱Konkani Catholic Bible APK
版本2.0 (2)
開發人員Jesus Youth
類別應用程式, 圖書與參考資源

更新日期 - 最新異動

Android OS9 Bug Fixes!

Konkani Catholic Bible 應用程式

有史以來第一次 - 孔卡尼語天主教聖經作為一個Android應用程序。

- Easy to use full screen bible verse reading.
- Easy to use pull up drawer to select any book, chapter and verse.
- Introduction page prior to all the books in the bible.
- Pinch to zoom for Multi - touch devices and zoom tab for non Multi - touch devices.
- Favorite verse selection by just double tapping the favorite verse.
- Background music while user is reading (on/off users preference).
- Konkani (Kannada script) keyboard for advanced search of words in Konkani (Kannada script).
- Voice based search (English) of the bible book with or without chapter and verse.
- Saves the last read state automatically so next time the application is opened you read it from where you left.

Background music Courtesy : Mickey Dalisay http://www.facebook.com/mikeydeeh
Icons Courtesy : www.mysitemyway.com

~A joint venture of the Diocese of Mangalore and Jesus Youth Mangalore. App developed by EthicCoders.