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LDS Hymns with Notes


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名稱LDS Hymns APK
版本2.2.3 (200041)
開發人員LDS Dudes
類別應用程式, 圖書與參考資源

LDS Hymns with Notes 應用程式

An unofficial app featuring the Hymns of the LDS Church

This is an unofficial app featuring the music of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!

Features the LDS Hymns in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese!

This app allows you to view the LDS hymns - both as text and sheet music. Find hymns by number, title, lyrics, topic, author, composer, etc. Switch between languages at the press of a button, pinch-zoom for better viewing, and stream hymn music from Easily swipe between pages. View hymns as lyrics only with text size and color options.

NOTE: Some hymns may be unavailable due to copyright restrictions.


Explanation of Permissions:
- Internet: Internet access is only used for streaming Hymns and reporting crashes.
- Read phone state: This is required to know when there is an incoming call, so music can be paused automatically. The app does NOT access private call information.
- Access external storage (media/photos): Only required on Android 4.3 and below. Some devices have very limited internal storage space, so external storage is used if available, which requires this permission. This is only used to cache hymn content. The app does NOT access your personal files.