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Learn - Apache Server 應用程式

Apache Web Server is designed to create web servers that have the ability to host one or more HTTP-based websites. Notable features include the ability to support multiple programming languages, server-side scripting, an authentication mechanism and database support. Apache Web Server can be enhanced by manipulating the code base or adding multiple extensions/add-ons.

It is also widely used by web hosting companies for the purpose of providing shared/virtual hosting, as by default, Apache Web Server supports and distinguishes between different hosts that reside on the same machine.

【Topics Covered in this App are Listed Below】

Introduction to Apache Tutorials for Beginners

Learn about Apache Virtual Host in 10 minutes

How to Run PHP/Ruby with Apache?

How to Secure Apache Web Server

Apache Log Format

The Solution using C-panel or similar software

Apache HTTP Server

Kinds of Apache Configuration Files

Directives to Add New Sites in Apache

Apache .htaccess File

Apache Secure Web Server

Apache .htpasswd File

Secure Socket Layer Certificate

Web Server

Proxy Server

Apache Configuration for PHP

How to Setup Virtual Hosts with Apache Web Server on Linux

Apache Presto

Apache Presto - Architecture

Apache Presto - Installation

Apache Presto - Configuration Settings

Apache Presto - Administration Tools

Apache Presto - Basic SQL Operations

Apache Presto - SQL Functions

Apache Presto - MySQL Connector

Apache Presto - JMX Connector

Apache Presto - HIVE Connector

Apache Presto - KAFKA Connector

Apache Presto - JDBC Interface

Apache Presto - Custom Function Application

How Apache Works

TCP/IP Protocol

General Structure

Installation and setup of the Apache Web Server (Windows NT)

Configuring virtual hosts in Apache

Configuration files in Apache HTTP

Installing Apache webserver

Using the webserver

How to use .htaccess

Getting started with Docker

Using the Docker registry

How To Secure Apache with Let's Encrypt on Ubuntu 18.04