ManaTarang - Knowledge through Audio-Visuals APK

ManaTarang - Knowledge through Audio-Visuals


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名稱Manatarang APK
版本0.3.8 (2007)
開發人員Manashakti Research Centre
類別應用程式, 音樂與音效

ManaTarang - Knowledge through Audio-Visuals 應用程式


Mana (or Man) means mind and Tarang means waves. ManaTarang (or ManTarang) means waves which impart knowledge as well as soothe the mind. With this view, the ManaTarang App has been developed by New Way Udyogshakti Charitable Trust (Co-trust) E-3682 Pune that is also associated with Manashakti Research Centre. It aims to provide knowledge, moral values, direction, peace of mind through Audio/Visual means. It is also designed with an intent of spreading knowledge through entertainment for children and adults alike. You will find different types of music, videos, audio books and other digital content in this app. While some of the content in this app resembles traditional stories, ManaTarang or the ManaTarang App takes a rational, yet spiritual outlook towards these, not biased towards any specific religion.

Manashakti Research Centre is a non-profit organization that aims to combine science, spirituality and practicality to work for the well-being of humanity. It is situated among the pleasant hills of Lonavla (India). For the past 50+ years, lakhs of people have found solace at the centre through study courses, electronic, computerized machine tests, workshops, seminars, books and so on. The Research Centre is one of the activities of Manashakti REST New Way Trust (REST= Research, Education, Sanatorium Trust), a social trust registered with the Charity Commissioner, Pune.