myOpel - the official app for all Opel drivers APK

myOpel - the official app for all Opel drivers


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名稱My Opel APK
版本1.33.1 (2146)
開發人員Opel Automobile GmbH
類別應用程式, 汽車與車輛

更新日期 - 最新異動

Bug fixes related to the usage of your e-command service and to the performance of your application.

myOpel - the official app for all Opel drivers 應用程式


myOpel is the official application for Opel Owners; designed to enhance your Opel driving and ownership experience.

App features can be categorised as ‘Unconnected’ and ‘Connected via Bluetooth’

Unconnected Features
No connection required and a whole host of useful information at your fingertips. These features are available for most Opel models:
- Quick access to a glossary of the vehicle dashboard lights
- Manage multiple vehicles in your garage
- View ‘That’s How it Works’ videos relating to infotainment and safety systems
- Tag the location of your parked vehicle to help you find it easier in a busy car park
- Share the parked location with your contacts
- Find Dealers local to you and save your favourite Dealer for quick and easy contact
- Contact Opel
- Request a service or maintenance event with your favourite Dealer
- View Opel news, events and offers tailored for you
- Update your infotainment system and factory navigation from your phone, using your phone’s charging cable (selected infotainment systems)

Bluetooth Connected Features
Available on selected infotainment systems, these features provide a useful insight into your journeys and driving data:
- Dashboard of drive and trip data
- Vehicle alerts
- Fuel level and average full consumption
- Last Miles Guidance (once your car is parked, you can continue navigation to your destination)