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名稱Past Recorder APK
版本1.0.3 (29)
開發人員Ajeera Apps
類別應用程式, 音樂與音效

Past Recorder 應用程式


Notice - We currently don't have time to develop the app further to comply with Android updates. The app works perfectly on older versions, but may not work on newer Android versions. Sorry about that, we meant to do y'all a service rather than monetizing for profit, but we currently have other priorities in our personal life. We are considering selling the app- including the name, code etc., so that someone will continue the legacy and the good reviews will keep on flowing. We accept offers to our inbox. Bless Y'all.


Past recorder is a voice time machine designed to work unnoticeably in the background and store any sound heard by your device - for a maximum duration of 30 minutes.

You can access the stored audio at any given moment and choose to replay, save, edit and/or share any chosen moments in time.

While on, Past Recorder blocks any other apps from using your microphone - thus effectively protecting your privacy from unwanted listening by other apps. Past recorder does not ask for internet permissions - ensuring any recorded sounds only leave your device if you choose to.

Past recorder works perfectly with call recorders, and has a great battery and memory performance. We`ve also included a few battery saving features accessible through the settings menu for heavy-duty users.

Past Recorder is a great tool for young parents willing to record their children`s first words, for lawyers and business men that can make use of a recording of their meetings, or for anyone willing to make sure that nobody listens to his device`s microphone, but him.

Past Recorder is Ad-Free. We at Ajeera Apps are an idealistic group of people, dedicated to creating and maintaining useful apps that make your life easier and more fun. You can always support us by purchasing the premium version of Past Recorder from within the app.

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