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開發人員Al-Farooq developer
類別應用程式, 工具

Recall-Assistive Social & banking password Manager 應用程式

Recall is an Assistive Navigation bar Social and banking manager with autofill

Recall-Assistive social and banking manager is an app design for the people who cannot remember their social Accounts user name and password and sometimes people forgot their banking information when they need it and they forgot their card at home or office. The main idea of this application is to assist the user in their daily social and banking need to overcome the problem of forgetting their important information. In our application the service we provide are
• Data Security
• Offline Database
• Data Encryption in the SHA-256 algorithm
• Fingerprint and Passcode Authentication
• Interactive GUI, Separate social account management for better understandability
• Assistive touch to access the banking and social information and many Assistive shortcuts
• Autofill Service
• In-app purchase

Data Security
By using our Service your data is secure as we do not use Cloud Servers to store your Important information it means this application is an offline application you can use it without internet access. Because of this small level distributed System, it is a Non-Hackable System and it is very Secure.
Offline Database
Recall use offline Database to provide a 24hour availability of your Data in your hand, it’s mean that All of your Data is Stored in your mobiles internal Storage in Encrypted Form so No one got assess to see your most important information. Some people would like it to be an Online for them we will provide a way to store your information in Google Drive (Google Cloud Storage) So they can save their information by themselves and can retrieve their information by themselves according to their needs this feature will be introduced in the future updates.
Data Encryption
Recall use the SHA-256 Algorithm to Increase the Security of your information to be used by someone else, Recall Store Data in the database in encrypted form only the Recall use a unique key to decrypt the data so no other app can decrypt your data.
Fingerprint and Passcode Auth
Recall use fingerprint Authentication which makes this app un-access able by Non-Authenticated person which will make you data more secure, Some of the Devices do not have Fingerprint Sensor for them we had introduced the passcode Authentication To make your data more secure.
Interactive GUI
Recall got a very beautiful and interactive Graphical User Interface So the user does not feel boredom while using the App. The GUI of this Application is user friendly and easy to understand and use.
Assistive Touch Gesture Navigation Bar
The Core Feature of recall is Assistive Gesture Bar that runs 24hours on your screen even when the Recall app is closed for the task manager. These bars will provide a gateway to access your information without opening the Recall App and there is also More feature in Assistive navigation bar which will help you in your daily use of the mobile phones.
• Back button
• Home button
• Recent App button
• Quick Settings button
• Social Account Accessibility button
• Bank Information Accessibility button
• Screenshot button
• Music app Shortcut button
• Browser app Shortcut button
• Phone contacts Shortcut button

AutoFill Service
Recall Also provide the auto-fill Services to fill the Forms it is only available on Android Oreo and above and this might not work on all of the Login forms because This feature is dependent on Other App Coding They need to add this line of code into there forms layout coding
“ android:inputType=”text email address” and android:autofillHints=”username” “
to use autofill Service, This is a new feature introduced to Android launched in 2018 almost 95% of developer do not Add this line of code in there project so this feature will only work in very few of the app Please don’t complain in the comment box for this feature is not working.

This application is still under development and will be upgraded continually. Our team is working to add more functions to this application. Thank you for choosing Recall Regards Al-Farooq Developer.