Subwoofer Speaker Wallpaper APK

Subwoofer Speaker Wallpaper


動態壁紙 - 揚聲器的可視化,從30Hz的頻率響應為300Hz



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Subwoofer Speaker Wallpaper 應用程式

Subwoofer Speaker is rendered subwoofer speaker emulator, frequency response from 30Hz to 300Hz.
Application engine responds to music and other sounds from device like real speaker.
Consume low CPU and GPU power (long battery life).
Live Wallpaper and application works in landscape and portrait mode, each mode has 15 separate profiles.
You can change them, according to your own preferences (create, swap, and delete).

All Access features:
- enlarge, reduce, move, and add mirror to the speaker.
- test suspension speaker, manually or automatically (finger icon or sine wave icon)
- quick configuration option from the wallpaper (quick configuration icon must be highlight,
tap the screen with three fingers on the wallpaper screen for start configuration)
- vibration (vibration icon must be highlight)
NOTE: Some device are not supported, because they have no electric motor.
- music control (music control icon must be highlight):
* play/pause: tap twice quickly into the center of the screen
* previous: tap twice quickly in the left part of the screen
* next: tap twice quickly in the right part of the screen
* stop: tap quickly left part of the screen, then center, and finally on the right part of the screen
NOTE: From version 1.3 you can choose your music player to control:
- Default by the system
- Poweramp
- Google Play Music
- Winamp
- Samsung Music Player
- Sony WALKMAN Music Player
- Stock Android Player

How to set Subwoofer Speaker on home screen long press wallpaper and choose:
Set wallpaper -> Live wallpapers -> Subwoofer Speaker -> Set wallpaper

NOTE: On some devices, the Subwoofer Speaker can not work properly.
It is caused by the built-in DSP.
Media players block audio data - android visualizer class not work properly.
If android visualizer class not working properly in your device, please do not blame my application.
Try on another device ;)