Unit Converter - All in One Unit Conversion Tool APK

Unit Converter - All in One Unit Conversion Tool


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名稱Unit Converter APK
版本3.5.0 (27)
開發人員Elite House
類別應用程式, 工具

Unit Converter - All in One Unit Conversion Tool 應用程式


The Best all in one unit converter, that offers 86 categories and 2000+ units with 1,000,000+ possible conversions! More on it also supports the following features:

- Unit converter

Unit converter effectively operates all the unit conversions frequently carried out in everyday life. Unit converter is capable of supporting a myriad of conversational calculations regarding length, weight, width, area, and so on.

But wait, here you go with the abundant categories of unit conversions:

- Electricity unit converter

The unit converter offers linear charge unit converter, surface charge unit converter, volume charge density, and a lot more
- Engineering converter

The unit converter supports velocity, acceleration, Volume, the moment of inertia, a moment of force, and torque unit converter.

- Fluid converter

The unit converter can convert flow in terms of mass and molar, mass flux density, and many more

- Heat converter

The unit converter offers Fuel efficiency (mass/volume), temperature interval unit converter, thermal expansion, and more

- Light converter

The unit converter supports luminance/illuminous, luminous intensity, digital image resolution, and frequency wavelength.

- Magnetism unit converter

The unit converter offers Magnetomotive force, magnetic field strength and magnetic flux, and magnetic density.

- Radiology converter

It offers the radiation units, radiation activity units, radiation exposure unit converter, and radiation absorbed dose unit converter

- Common unit converters:

cm to inches, pounds to kg, mm to inches, inches to cm, and many more

- Along with all this, the Unit converter supports searching any unit anytime!

- Scientific calculator

An effective calculator that helps you to perform all scientific calculations. With the highly advanced stratagems, you can evaluate basic fundamental athematic operations as well as complex scientific calculations i.e., exponentials, and much more.

- General Sales taxes calculations

Entering rational price and tax rate enables the users to effectively evaluate the sales tax and total purchase.

- Loan calculations

The users are allowed to evaluate the absolute interest and payments. Further, it enables the amortization of standard loans, adjourned installments, and interest rates.

- Age calculation

Age calculator reckons age with the provided date of birth concerning from years till the last minutes and seconds.

- Currency Calculations

The currency calculator is capable of effectively translating worldwide currencies into another automatically while utilizing the real-time exchange rate.

- Compass

Users can easily evaluate the magnetic variations regarding a variety of locations and times, prioritizing the calculated heading relations of compass and maps under real-life situations.

- Vibration and Sound Mode

The notifications pop up recalling the upcoming events.

- Eight different languages

It supports eight worldwide spoken languages.

- Convenient and user-friendly

It supports swap currency, which just switches to another currency without going through the whole procedure. Along with that, the user can avail of the unit options and copy data easily.

- Enchanting themes

The user can select the theme as per his/her mood. The number of colors offered helps you to enhance your daily interaction.

- History deletion

App offers you to perform calculations insecure boundaries, where you can save and delete your performed calculations anytime!

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