Twisty APK

Basic text adventure interpreter (z-machine) for Android.

Version0.82 (6)
UpdatedOct 02, 2015 (5 years ago)
DeveloperTwisty Team
CategoryGames, Puzzle

Play Zork, Infocom games, and hundreds of newer text adventures on this simple z-machine interpreter. Four games are built-in, but you can fetch more to your sd-card from http://ifdb.tads.org. Open source with known bugs: patches welcome!

Note: This app is undergoing a rewrite to include a modern 'glulx' interpreter to play modern Inform 7 games. You can visit the main site and help us out on version 2.0. Visit https://github.com/sussman/twisty

Release 0.82: fixes 'save' command; users can now toggle soft-keyboard; new game included.

Email: twistyteam@gmail.com

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