Ultimate Alien shadow fight Jungle World Adventure APK

Lets play Ultimate Alien shadow 10 in alien force vilgax attacks

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UpdatedFeb 12, 2019 (2 years ago)
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The Green World is invaded by evil monsters! To save the Green World, Super Alien's needs to start his exciting adventure, collect strawberries, jump and smash all the monsters, earn the coins, and most importantly, find and defeat the final boss who masterminded the invasion! ultimate alien 2019 , 10 omniverse fuel run ,10 run and fight game

In this game, you are Super Alien and you can save the world - are you ready for the adventure?

Game Features:
👽 Classic 2D adventure platformer gameplay – run and jump in the magical world, knock the blocks, smash the monsters, collect the coins, pull the flag! like aliens force : war ,aliens force : battle, ultimate aliens's shadow fight
👽 More than 60 exciting and challenging levels to unlock – we are working hard to make more levels!
👽 6 interesting worlds to explore and adventure – green world, underwater world, underground world, desert, winter world and castle!
👽 6 funny skins to unlock – classic skin, pajamas, pirate, bear, gentleman and ninja!
👽 More than 15 super tricky monsters to kill – bugs, snails, flies, scorpions, rabbits, birds, frogs, fishes, bear and more!
👽 Smooth play, colorful graphics, fanciful worlds and beautiful music!
👽 Super epic boss fights! like alien's humungousaur , alien heatblast

Given that it was a treasure map, boy decided to jump into jungle adventure to find treasure without knowing that a lot of threats in Lets play game earth protector 10 in alien force vilgax attacks are waiting for him.ultimate aliens's rescue
In the super world, must pass so much threats to run to target super world.aliens juego, 10 omniverse alien's run
Super jungle runs and jumps across platforms and atop enemies in themed levels.10 ultimate new
Fight in aliens's war and speed battle in top platformer 10 games & fighting 10 ultimate ninja , super ultimate alien's
Alien Canonbolt Fighting is one of the best jungle adventure game. The game has several challenging levels to play and discover.

Features in GAME:
- +200 level to play
- Many challenging levels contested
- Try to get highscore
- So much scenes: jungle, frozen, cave, subway world
- Addictive game-play
- Amazing graphics
- Addictive gameplay
- Challenging level design
- Fun for all ages, earth protector's
- amazing world,ultimate alien's xenodrome
- jungle Beautiful graphics, ultimate aliens's vilgax
- Beautiful graphics and control, 10 ultimate universe
- More rewards and challenges with 7 Iconic Islands and 200 levels, ultimate vilgax attack
- You need to escape from each island before running out of time. Each level has 400 seconds to pass.
- Keep Run and Jump over the deep abyss and on the top of enemies to defeat them.
- Experience ultimate aliens power surge with a 3d fighters games & fighting !

The game includes:
- Achievements
- 200 awesome levels(more coming soon)
- Classic platform style
- And a lot more features!
- 200+ different enemies
- Easy, intuitive controls
- 200 beautiful worlds(more coming soon)
- Collected coins
- Destroyed Blocks
- Finished Levels
- Hidden Blocks Found
- Killed Enemies
- Times played
- Total Score
- New!!! Aliens Super puzzles.
How to play:
- Use button to jump, move and fire
- Find weapon in flowers
- Kill enemies by firing or jumping on their head
- Pixel Aliens War Force is an adventure for kids.
- Alien Cannonbolt Super Transform protector aliens force war ,
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