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Sep 26, 2015
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Ultimate Notes Taker APP

Ultimate Notes Taker helps you take different kinds of notes during a class or a lecture and helps you keep organized and tidy.

Organize yourself and make the best out of your device by taking different kinds of Notes:

* Simple Notes: a simple note with the keyboard
* Checklist Notes: create checklists under each title and cross whatever have been done from it
* Photo Notes: take notes with your camera (for example take a photo of the board or a paper)
* Video Notes: take a video as a note during classes or meetings
* Audio Notes: capture an audio note of your professor, lecturer, friends or yourself during or after a lecture. (P.S. you can leave the recorder running and take other notes at the same time)
* Drawing Notes: want to draw something? we support that as well and it works with all android devices.

* Permissions *
-Read/Write from SD card.
-Capture Audio

* Supported Screen Sizes *
This app is optimized to all screen sizes. Phones, 7-inch tablets, 10-inch tablets and more.

* Hashtags *
#Ultimate_Notes_Taker #UNT #Notes #taking_notes #writing #drawing #recording #audio #video #photo #picture #camera #camera_notes #photo_notes #students #students_notes
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