Use ultrasound pack to play with your kitty. Choose your favourite whistle!


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May 10, 2019
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Ultrasound. Cat whistle simulator GAME

"Ultrasound. Cat whistle simulator" contains many different whistles! Open all of them! Use ultrasound whistle and look how your cat will react.
Most of the ultrasounds can not be heard by the human. But the dog or cat, being animals with more sensitive hearing, quickly catches them and responds accordingly.

Train your pet with strong ultrasonic! With its help it could be much faster and easier to train your cat or dog different tricks and commands, and just have fun.

"Ultrasound. Cat whistle simulator" app gives you many opportunities:

- Many people can't stand high frequency sounds, you can tease them with that a lot
- you can train pets and teach them some tricks
- some barking dogs will come down with ultrasound
- use whistle, if your dog barks constantly or cat is too annoying to distract them
- you can also trick your friends

Attention!! This application contains high sounds that can be irritating.

Tease your cat with the ultrasound and have fun!
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