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1.0.0 · Jun 17, 2021

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Version1.0.0 (10)
UpdatedJun 17, 2021
DeveloperUmojami Tribe.
CategoryApps, Social

Umojami - Africa's creative village app

Connecting African creators together in one place with umoTelly entertainment

Umojami - Connecting creators from every African community in the world with umoTelly education and entertainment.

Play is the highest form of research and creativity is intelligence having fun.

Keeping up with African creators, designers, arts, writers, culture, and thinkers is faster and easier than ever. Share updates of your creativity and photos, engage with African creators and Pages all over the world and stay connected to local communities important to you.

Features on the Umojami app include:

Connect with other African creators and meet new people on your Umojami media network

Set status updates & use Umojami emoji to help relay what’s going on in your creative world

Share your creative mind, photos, videos, and your personal skills with others teaching and empowering them.

Get notifications when creators like and comment on your posts

Match Find gives you the opportunity to socialise and create local social events and make plans to meet up with creative friends

Follow your favourite creator, artists, writer, websites, and companies to get their latest story

Buy and sell locally on Umojami Marketplace

Messages: Send and receive private messages & share files from other Users.

Post Privacy: User can choose the posted privacy (Only me, Everyone.. etc)

Chat with your friends made easy from the app.

Notifications: Receive notification from users (likes, dislikes, comments, wonders, shares .. etc)

@Dactags: Displays trending and related topics shared by users.

@Mentions: Use @username to tag people in a status or message.

Post Publisher: Status, Sound cloud, YouTube, Vine, Google Maps, Videos, Files, Photos, and emoticons.

The Umojami app does more than help you stay connected with your creators of interests. It's also your personal organiser for storing, saving, and sharing creative photos. It's easy to share photos straight from your mobile camera, and you have full control over your photos and privacy settings. You can choose when to keep individual photos private or even set up a secret photo album to control who sees it.

Umojami also helps you keep up with the latest news and current events around the world from our blog. Subscribe and follow your favourite creator, writer, photographer, designer, culture, brands, news sources, artists, or dream teams of Africa’s inventors and their newsfeeds, live chat, and be caught up on the latest happenings no matter where you are!

The most important desktop features of Umojami are also available on the app, such as writing on timelines, liking photos, browsing for creators, and editing your profile and groups.

Now you can get early access to the next version of Umojami for your mobile by becoming a member. Learn how to sign up, give feedback and drop us a note if you need our Help to follow @umojami on our website.

Visit the Umojami site directly:

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Umojami is only available for users age 13 and over.


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