Augmented reality multi-player game with GPS-navigation.

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Free download Underverse: AR Wars & 3D Duel 1.0.3 apk game latest version for android


Augmented reality multi-player game with GPS-navigation. Join 3D battle with magic creatures, smart enemies and other players like you. With new iOS 11 and ARKit become a part of a virtual world of fights in reality-based environment. Any surface can become a battlefield — your desk, walking street, book cover or sport arena.
Move on the city map with GPS. The game will show you directions to the places crucial for the game. At the selected locations you can fight in the battle, meet other players and find magic artefacts. Friendly game characters are always there to help you, explain tasks and give hints.
The story of UnderVerse is about fearless Keepers who have been keeping our world safe for many centuries. They protected citizens from ancient Titans’ invasion who have been sleeping until now in the bowels of the Ice Citadel.
Brave warriors and cunning magicians represent 6 races. They are the only power that prevents the Exiled One from destroying all living creatures in the Universe.
Now you can be one of the Keepers! The character you choose and the way you go through — everything depends on you. UnderVerse world is full of dangerous adventures and mystery.
Here Men and Arbiters learn the secrets of fighting skills together. Undines and Tengu practise how to manipulate magic elements. Shifters and Nosferatu are watching the order from the shadow where they are used to live, at the same time fighting with evil spirits of the Exiled One.
Carve out the place in the Order of the Keepers history and don’t let the chaos destroy the world. Maybe you can finally stop the invasion of the enemies from the other universe into our reality!
● Augmented reality. Actions in the virtual world take place on a real map.
● GPS-navigation. Character evolution is based on movements in real locales. More movements, stronger and more experienced the character.
● Battle mode. Choose between augmented reality combat in real environment or fight in 3D game arena.
● Introducing crafting. Now you can search and gather resources to craft weapons, armor and potions.
○ Fascinating game scenario with dialogues and tasks.
○ 6 different game races characters of both genders.
○ Player’s character depends on the level of Strength, Agility, Intelligence and Vitality.
○ Apparel and equipment improve player’s stats making him stronger in the fight.
○ Toughest fights with dangerous monsters are rewarded double — experience and gold.
Enemies attack each other automatically, yet the outcome of the battle depends on a strategic use of spells and potions.
Game combats with real enemies are rewarded in a special way and increase player’s ranking among others. Now you will be rated versus other players and in tournaments. Winners of tournaments can expect a generous reward!
At the level 6 you will get access to a new feature — you can take part in faction wars. Now players will be able to own mines. To gather and stock up on resources you will need to capture and defend new mines and portals. Enemies will attack them. The amount of resources gained will depend on the level of the mine.
Join the world of UnderVerse and take part in a virtual adventure right now!
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What's New

You can reset your character points. This is available at any level and can be accessed through the points distribution screen. Furthermore, you can change the gender of your character in the “Tavern”.

Global Map
You can pinch to zoom in and out on your map and be able to adjust the reach radius if you do not feel like travelling much at all.

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Underverse: AR Wars & 3D Duel 1.0.3

Updated: 2018-10-31 (1 year ago)

1.0.3 (76) 2018-11-19
1.0.1 (69) 2018-10-19
0.9.9 (63) 2018-09-18
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