Take Selfies together with your friends, even if they are in different places!


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Jan 10, 2019
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Unifie - Selfies from different places (Beta) APP

Unifie lets you take Selfies with your friends in real-time, even though they are in completely different parts of the world!
Just imagine having photos at places/events/parties you could not attend. We’re helping people make memories, no matter the distance.

What can you do:

1. Unifie: Take a Selfie, select your friends or influencers, and appear together in the same photo.

2. Video Calling: Add friends, make a video call (Landscape mode), strike a pose and click! Within a few seconds, you’ll get an image which looks like you both are together, in the same place. Thank us later :-)

3. Chat: You can chat freely with your friends over the app.
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