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Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedNov 26, 2020
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UnInstall app

One of our App Manager applications allowing user to uninstall an application

A simple one page app that lists all of your apps on your device, and provides the ability to uninstall any chosen app by just clicking the application to be uninstalled. This is part of our set of declutter-organizing set of apps that comes within our APP MANAGER line of products, created part of our I.AI/Alvaa/Sirina AI-based ecosystem of applications.

Device based applications has become part and parcel of our lives, and each one of us tend to have at least 20+ apps on our devices either through direct downloads or through system based applications and other service provider based bloatware. For that matter, the number of apps on the Google Play Store has increased from 0 applications in 2009 to close to 3.04 million apps by September 2020.. Hence, in this fast-paced world, there is a need to offer solution that is not convoluted and easy to implement, while removing clutter wherever possible. This particular simple application was developed for everyone with the primary purpose to locate those apps in one location and then uninstall any unnecessary app as and when needed.

Please note that we neither claim this application to be unique nor out of the ordinary. However, we are in the process of building an ecosystem of clean and lean applications to de-clutter and optimize storage usage on the device. As part of this process, we have built a set of applications, which we believe adds utility and better management of time and processes in our lives. We would like to share the same with other like-minded individuals, who are seeking an All-In-One (AIO) ecosystem of clean and lean apps to have in their devices.

What does this app offer?
As soon as the app gets opened, a complete list of applications will be provided. Then, the user could select an app of their choice that they would like to uninstall. Once the app is clicked, a pop-up message shows up asking the user to confirm the app that needs to be uninstalled. Once confirmed, that particular app will be uninstalled, and a message confirming the same would be toasted.

Motto of our Mission (MooM)™:
Building an ecosystem of,
"Theory & Practice of Everything"


Our organization neither collects any personally identifiable information nor stores those information
This app was developed completely in-house
This app offers, what we believe, a simple way to quickly locate any specific app on your device, and uninstall a chosen app from your device
This app was developed keeping everyone in mind
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