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Every house, shop or office must have the jar. Either jars made of mica or plastic, ranging from not branded to branded eg Tupperware definitely there. Because there is no doubt that the jar is an item that should always be at home in particular, because of the usefulness and benefits are multifunctional. Able to store cookies, crackers, candies, snacks of any kind, can even be used to place trinkets.
In the past we often see the jars made of mica are prone to rupture, there is now an alternative jars made from plastic that is more durable. However jar with mica material was not left out. Did not have much difference between mica jar with plastic jar, only the more sturdy plastic material that is made from mica depend whereas in terms of thickness.
Even the jar is one of the items sought when approaching Eid. Lebaran fact Identics with the diamond and curry, but do not forget the Eid also Identics with the cookies. Therefore, surely the mothers really like to buy even a collection jar. Currently the market is also a lot of which produces decorative jars which can make your room, can make a house look festive in a happy moment, making you more attractive coffee table and guests also seemed keen to sample cakes served in a decorative jar the various models.
In happy moments such as Eid, Decorative jars Flannel experiencing a surge of orders dramatically, even a decorative jar is more hunted than the plain jars that look monotonous. Because it is more visible FUNNY decorative jars and Attractive. With varying shapes according to the desire, there is a form of cake, characters, animals, fruits and a variety of other creations. For consumers are free to choose the character or model garnish as desired, in accordance with the theme, so different from the market.
As is often used in the market that resembles a sponge cake with chocolate and strawberry-shaped characters. That adds to the privilege for decorative jars. The difficulty in this creation lies not in difficulties or shape models that consumers want, but the difficulty when many orders and customer requested a fast time.
The Tip-Jar Ornamental Care Tips
Maintain the cleanliness of the jar is not so difficult. Here are his tips to treat and clean the jar:
Using Toothbrush Used
Brush the outer layer of fabric with an old toothbrush dry. This is done to clean up the dust that sticks to the cloth in a jar.
Coarse Section scissors on fabric
After the brush is usually some on the fabric surface becomes rough. Section rough cut was better to look neat and uncluttered.
Do Washed
Fabrics that decorate the jar is not recommended to be washed, because when the fabric is washed frequently will result in surface becomes increasingly rough.

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