United Kingdom coins (620 - 2018) APK

All UK coins information from Kings of Northumbria to The Queen's Beasts series

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UpdatedFeb 07, 2019 (1 year ago)
DeveloperVladislav Zhirnov
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This application help UK coin collectors to find all main information about United Kingdom coins.

App includes varieties for coins with description. Almost all coins have images.
The application will be useful to collectors of English coins.

* Complete catalogue of coins starting from Kings of Northumbria (620)
* Images for coins Obverse and Reverse
* Coins type, metal, shape, diameter and other useful info
* Search by main parameters
* Quiz to test your knowledge

With your suggestions, please write email to zhirnovvlad@gmail.com

This catalogue of United Kingdom coins includes:
British West Indies - Dollar
England - Early Anglo-Saxon (600-775)
England - Kings of Northumbria (685-855)
England - Kings of Kent (765-914)
England - Kings of Mercia (757-880)
England - Kings of East Anglia (758-870)
England - Danish East Anglia (885-915)
England - Norse Northumbia (867-954)
England - Kings of Wessex (786-924)
England - Kings of All England (924-1158)
England - Pound sterling (1158-1970)
Scotland - Pound Scots (1136-1707)
Scotland - Pound sterling (1158-1970)
United Kingdom - Pound sterling (1158-1970)
United Kingdom - Pattern strikes (1158-1970)
United Kingdom - Evasion tokens (1751-1797)
United Kingdom - Conder tokens (1787-1797)
United Kingdom - Currency tokens (1798-1816)
United Kingdom - Pound sterling (decimalized, 1971-date)
United Kingdom - Fine Gold, Britannia Series (1987-date)
United Kingdom - Fine Silver, Britannia Series (1997-date)
United Kingdom - Chinese Lunar Year series (2014-date)
United Kingdom - The Queen's Beasts series (2016-date)

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