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Sep 15, 2023
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The biggest Christian streaming platform in Brazil, now with a new APP! All new!

The new appearance of the Univer Video app has come to further improve your moment of investing in your spiritual life.

Now, if you need to know what Univer Video is, check it out:

Univer Video came to help you filter what enters your home.

Around here, you will find original and exclusive content, such as Meditation of the Word, with Cristiane Cardoso, the series Eu Sou Segundo and Alberto, with revelations by Dr. Alberto Rivera, former Jesuit priest, as well as great successes on Record TV, such as the telenovela Apocalipse and the series Reis e Jezebel.

All this, without worrying if you're going to watch something that's bad for your faith, because 100% of the content has already gone through strict curation before entering the platform.

In addition, you can watch, live, the services and special meetings held at the Temple of Solomon, with simultaneous translation in English and Spanish, which are still available for you to review whenever you want.

Not to mention the international meetings and events, from more than 8 countries, transmitted by Univer Video;

It's not to pass your time, it's not just entertainment. It's your spiritual refuge on the internet for you to be inspired and meditated on the Word of God.

Download now. Take your free trial.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email or by phone at (11) 4950-2232
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