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Aug 8, 2014

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Universal Prayer Times & Qibla APP

“Indeed, those who believe and do righteous deeds and establish prayer and give zakah will have their reward with their Lord, and there will be no fear concerning them, nor will they grieve.” Al-Quran (2:277)

Prayer (Salat, Namaz) is a duty of every Muslim to perform 5 times in a day. And, also to perform the prayer on time. So, to facilitate a Muslim to pray on time, he need a prayer time with azan reminder before the next prayer time starts. So, here you have free android app Universal Prayer times and Qibla Direction.

“Recite, [O Muhammad], what has been revealed to you of the Book and establish prayer. Indeed, prayer prohibits immorality and wrongdoing, and the remembrance of Allah is greater. And Allah knows that which you do.” Al-Quran (29:45)

While traveling to different countries and locations, a Muslim also has to find the accurate direction of Qibla (Makkah). Because its compulsory to pray facing to Qibla (Kaaba). In our Universal Prayer time & Qibla Direction Android App we have given the digital compass to auto locate the direction of Qibla when you choose a city from the list. There are hundreds of thousands cities in more than 250 Countries of the world given in the list of this app. Get prayer timings for your local city, along with Qibla direction.

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his progeny) said: “The example of the five (daily) prayers is like that of a clear-water river flowing in front of your houses in which a person washes himself five times a day – cleansing him from all dirt.”(Kanzul `Ummal, Volume 7, Tradition 18931)

The basic purpose of the Universal Prayer Times & Qibla Direction app is to make the habit of prayers for Muslims all over the world as it is ordered in Quran:

“And establish Salah and give Zakah, and bow down (in worship) along with those who bow down (in worship)” (Al-Quran 2:43)

Compulsory Prayers:
• Fajer (morning Prayer)
• Zuhur (Noon Prayer)
• Aser (After Noon Prayer)
• Maghrib, (Sun Set Prayer)
• Isha, (Early Night Prayer)

Shafii, Hanafi, Malaki and Hanbali.

Prayer time Methods:
• Muslim World League (MWL)
• Islamic Society of North America, USA. (ISNA)
• Egyption General Authority of Survey, Egypt. (Egypt)
• Umm al-Qura University, Makkah, Saudi Arabia. (Makkah)
• University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi, Pakistan. (karachi)
• Institute of Geophysics, University of Tehran, Iran (Tehran)

• Daily prayer times for your local city.
• Qibla (Kaaba) direction with digital compass.
• Easy and User friendly User Interface.
• Azan Feature at prayer time start for 5 prayers.
• Option to mute/un-mute azan sound for specific prayer time.
• Highly customizable settings .

Download Universal Prayer Times & Qibla Direction on your android device or tablet for free and don’t forget to rate us. Provide us with your valuable feedback. Your suggestion would be our great pleasure for the improvement of the apps features time to time.

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