It is a made in India application which is used to operate Dynex TV by Remote


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Oct 1, 2020

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Universal Remote Control for D APP

Do you want to operate your smart TV with your smart Phone? Having a smart phone is very beneficial for you to operate your Dynex TV.

It is fantastic application for operating application and run a smart TV with this Universal Remote Control for Dynex TV application.

It is always easy to use one remote than many remotes because it very comfortable, effective and time saving for everyone.

As mobile phone has become a main part of people lives and always carry with them, so having an application installed on your mobile device that works as a TV remote control will make
Your life easier.

In this remote control, all functions are as same as your original remote so anyone can operate easily, even elderly people also find out how to use this
Universal Remote Control for Dynex TV application.

Functions of changing channels and adjusting volume, Start or close TV and Sound Mute and unmute are very simple to control.

To convert your phone into a universal remote you will need to have a device called an IR blaster or Wi-Fi enable that takes the commands you give on your phone
And converts them into infrared signals.

Universal Remote Control for Dynex TV application such a wonderful app so share this with your buddies and guys to use it.


- Universal remote control

- Number keys

- Volume adjustment

- Channel navigation

- Start or close directly

- Share with friends.
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