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The Universal TV remote control app offers to its users to remote any TV or SMART TV using IR smoothly and easy way like you are using the original Remote Control for you TV.

Universal TV Remote Control functionalities are currently available for SONY Bravia Android TV's, LG Smart TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, Android TV and Apple TV, SAMSUNG, LG, FUJITSU, Panasonic, SHARP, PHILIPS.
The only setting you have to make is to connect the mobile device and Smart TV on the same WiFi Network and you are ready to go.
Now you can Cast media files stored on your mobile phone to your Smart TV screen.

This Universal TV Remote Control application is compatible with

-- Remote control for Sony TV.
-- Remote control for TV LG.
-- Remote control for TV philips.
-- Remote control for Samsung TV.
-- Remote control for TV thomson.
-- Remote control for TV FUNAI.
-- Remote control for TV Hitachi.
-- Remote control for Sony Bravia Android TV.
-- Remote control for TV aiwa.
-- Remote control for TV hisense.
-- Remote control for TV maxent.
-- Remote control for TV RCA.
-- Remote control for TV technics.
-- Remote control for TV vizio.
-- Remote control for TV Sanyo.
-- Remote control for Sharp TV.
-- Remote control for TV Panasonic.
- Remote control for Vizio TV
- Remote control for TV Akai.
What can Universal TV Remote Control offer to you :

It is always good and easy to use a single Universal remote control device to control all you electronic equipments. As mobile phone has become a major gadget that people always carry with them, so having an application installed on your mobile device that works as a TV remote control will make your life easier. This free, powerful and efficient universal remote control app will make your life easy.

Some Features of the application:

* Samsung blu ray remote controller.
* Samsung dvd blu ray remote controller.
* Remote control for tv.
* Samsung blu ray dvd remote controller.
* Remote control for tv vizio.
* Remote control for all tv.
* Remote desktop.
* Remote control for tv samsung.
* Samsung blu ray remote controller.
* Tv remote control.
* Tv remote control for all tv.
* Tv remote control vizio.
* Tv remote control samsung.

• Phone or Tablet with built in IR blaster is required for the Traditional IR TV devices.
• For Smart TV devices, both the smartTV device and user's mobile device must be connected to the same network.
• Universal TV Remote Control app is compatible with the TV brands / models currently available in the app. This is an unofficial TV remote application for these Television brands.

What's New

This Remote Control app is compatible with

Remote for Sony TV
Remote for TV LG
Remote for TV philips
Remote for Samsung TV
Remote for TV thomson
Remote for TV FUNAI
Remote for TV Hitachi
Remote for TV aiwa
Remote for TV hisense
Remote for TV maxent
Remote for TV RCA
Remote for TV technics
Remote for TV vizio
Remote for TV Sanyo
Remote for Sharp TV
Remote for TV Panasonic
Remote for Vizio TV
Remote for TV Akai

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