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A FREE email app that helps you quickly unsubscribe from unwanted email.

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Version2.7.5 (20000275)
UpdatedJul 12, 2016 (4 years ago)

Unlistr is a completely FREE app that helps you select and automatically unsubscribe unwanted email. Using patented technology, Unlistr relays unsubscribe requests when safe, processes unsubscribe links and performs other automated unsubscription tasks.

"Banish Junk Email." ~ Good Housekeeping

"Download Unlistr, the anti-suck." ~Virgin Mobile

"Easily unsubscribe from your unwanted junk emails!" ~Komando.com App of the Day

"Not only has Unlistr helped me eliminate unnecessary emails, but I found the process quick and easy to setup." ~AppAdvice.com

Unlistr also provides customizable features such as the ability to add multiple email accounts and target folders/archives. Full list of features:

• Directly and securely connects to your mail server via IMAP/POP over SSL/TLS
• Supports app-specific password if your email service uses two-factor authentication methods
• Supports Gmail oAuth authentication for enhanced security.
• Works with any email account that supports IMAP/POP including @hotmail, @live, @gmail, @yahoo, @rocketmail, @ymail, @sbcglobal, etc.
• Safely unsubscribes - Unlistr skips mailing lists that have been blacklisted
• Works on almost all newsletters, retailer ads, advertisement listservs, shopping websites, etc.
• Maintains an ignored list
• Scans 50 emails at a time

Also, our PRO features are now 100% Free!

• Unsubscribe from your notification bar
• Scans up to 1,000 emails per scan
• Schedule scans periodically to keep your email tidy
• Scans sub-folders / labels (IMAP only)
• Adds and scans multiple accounts at once
• Priority support team
• Constantly updated unsubscribe definitions and detection system


Unlistr works in a secure local area on your device. All of Unlistr's magic occurs on your device itself locally using your device's processor and memory. By way of example, Unlistr works similar to Outlook on your PC, Sparrow on your Mac or iPhone mail on your phone.

Second, Unlistr supports TLS/SSL encryption in your incoming and outgoing settings. Most email services provide TLS/SSL by default (e.g., Gmail, Me, Yahoo, etc). This means that when you setup, scan and unsubscribe your email from junk, your connection is encrypted.

Third, Unlistr avoids senders that have been blacklisted by the internet community, which can prevent you from receiving more spam.


We've integrated technology to skip mailing lists that have been blacklisted by the internet community. However, always be cautious about unsubscribing from un-trusted sources or illegal email (e.g., emails from countries that don't honor anti-spam laws).


Using a proprietary algorithm, Unlistr scans and detect emails that are part of subscription marketing lists (e.g., sale advertisements, daily news, etc). Second, simply check and swipe away the lists you don't want.


No. Unlistr doesn't hide unwanted emails into labels... it stops it from coming in the first place by executing unsubscribe actions on your behalf.

U.S. Patent No. 8,935,342

TERMS OF USE AND EULA: http://unlistr.com/terms-of-use

Latest Version

2.7.5 (20000275) Jul 12, 2016
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Old Versions

2.7.5 (20000275)Jul 12, 2016
2.7.4 (20000274)Jan 09, 2016
2.7.3 (20000273)Dec 27, 2015
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