Unlucky 13 - Relaxing block puzzle game APK

Addictive block game! Challenge your brain, make colorful lines, & beware of 13!

Version1.1.0 (11)
UpdatedJul 16, 2017 (3 years ago)
DeveloperTotal Eclipse
CategoryGames, Puzzle

Challenge your brain with our relaxing, minimal, block puzzle game! Warning: It’s ridiculously addictive!

Unlucky 13 is an endless block game, created for puzzle lovers of all ages! It’s made by Total Eclipse, developers of the hit brain-training game “A Clockwork Brain”.

Give yourself a challenge, stay mentally fit, and unwind at the same time. No timer and no countdowns! Use your calculation and perception skills and a wide range of tactics to dominate the board!


Place blocks on the board and make lines with tiles of any color. If you connect 13 or more tiles of the same color, you lose! If a block won’t fit anywhere on the board, you lose. Just press ‘Play Again’! 😁

★ Fine-tune your strategy: Rotate the blocks and place them just the way you want!
★ Stay on your toes with increasing board progression and difficulty! Start off with a 6x6 board and try to reach 10x10!
★ Use the Block Refresh power up to get new blocks, if things gets sticky!
★ Encounter over 40 unique shapes, most different than ones in other block games!
★ A risk-taker? Try to make lines with one color, risk losing, but get a much larger score!
★ Want to feel super lucky? Activate the Lucky Clover and get an extra life just as the game is over!


★ Easy to pick up and play, but make no mistake - tough to master! Fun, simple, and addictive gameplay!
★ Play at your own pace: Use the auto-save feature, and resume whenever you want!
★ Minimal & balanced, gorgeous, graphics, and upbeat music & SFX!
★ Love customization? Unlock more than 10 beautiful, minimal, and soothing themes!
★ Achievement hoarder? There are some crazy, tough, and weird ones to discover!
★ Heading for the top of the charts? Show the others who’s boss by participating in the leaderboards!
★ Share your high scores and invite your friends to join the competition!

The board is yours. Time to shine!

Email: support@totaleclipsegames.com

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