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Dec 21, 2020

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Untitled Ragdoll Game GAME

It's a sandbox, but also a virtual stress relief toy. The main focus of this project is to develop an advanced active ragdoll physics with human-like behavior and a complex AI around it later. The game is in active development and new features will appear often.

Implemented features:

– Dragging. Drag and throw ragdolls around or any other objects. Multi-touch is supported, so have fun experimenting with that too.

– Breaking. All body parts have their own limits, so forcing them against their natural movement will break them, which affects their movement afterwards.

– Dismembering. You can grab and pull different body parts from both sides, or simply throw a heavy object to detach them.

– Pressure. You can crush body parts by pushing them against surfaces using heavy objects.

– Control. Change characters behavior, give them commands and use picked items against other characters.

– Time. Slowdown everything in the game to give yourself some time for more complex actions or completely stop the time flow and move objects around while keeping their initial velocity, and see what happens next when you set time speed back to normal.

Coming soon:

– Weapons. Use all the given arsenal to spread chaos: melee weapons, pistols, shotguns, automatic rifles, rifles, sniper rifles, various throw items (e.g. bottles, grenades, etc.), rockets, unique and special weapons and etc.

– Inventory. Create a backpack, put all your favorite items in there, and then give it to any character, so it could use any of the chosen items later in action.

– Personalization. Give characters different clothes to make them look unique and save both the outfit and backpack's inventory as a loadout, so you could quickly use everything again later.

– X-ray. Inspect ragdolls' bodies and see what happens inside of them when they're taking damage.

– AI. Play with the results of the complex simulation of human mind and behavior by changing characters' environment to raise their different statuses such as: happiness, fear, anger, hunger and others; certain moods will end up with certain actions. Divide or group characters by changing their relations and see what will happen next.

– In-game constructor. Build and save your contraptions or whole levels, and share them with other players or use their own creations.


"There's a secret complex hidden deep underground. Some say it was build long before the first world war, others say it's an international global experiment. But in the end it all doesn't matter. Once you take a ride on elevator – it's a road to one end. Dismount a very long stair and see that this awful place is just some surreal people playground, where each one of the kidnapped victims is cloned and being used as a living doll, that workers later test and mutilate."

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