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Version2.0.0 (46)
UpdatedJan 08, 2020 (3 months ago)
Release dateApr 24, 2019 (11 months ago)
DeveloperUpturn Corporation
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Robo-advisor for Stocks/ETFs. Receive AI powered Buy / Sell recommendations

“Upturn: Invest. Learn. Trade.” is the financial app for the starting and seasoned investor. It gives you the ability to learn, plan and invest (paper trade or stocks investing simulator) in the stock market and build your stock market portfolio.

Our AI/ML based financial investment advisor will give you the recommendation on stock so you know when to "Buy" or "Sell" a stock to earn money trading.

Investing - Learn how to earn money trading
Start investing in stocks. Learn how to invest in the financial stock market. With Upturn, you pick winners more often and will become a successful investor.

We use AI technology to give you financial advice so you know when to invest and when to sell your stock. Invest in interesting markets and stocks with Upturn. Investing, Learning, Earning has never been easier.

Day trader, swing trader, position trader or Investors all are welcome
Upturn recommendations cater to different personas of a stock trader (personas of some investor could plan to hold a stock for a year also called the persona 'long', while some want to buy and sell a stock within a 'quarter' or a few weeks to a 'month'). Upturn provides recommendations of "Buy" and "Sell" for each stock for all different types of personas.

Invest at the right time and earn cash
Invest in the markets that offer the opportunity of growing and earning. Having investment information places you ahead of the competition earning more cash with every investment. Get all the info and grow your investment portfolio.

Financial investment opportunities
Investment opportunities for stocks and historical metrics.

The app enables users to create multiple portfolios by choosing different stocks and different personas of each stock into a portfolio either through a stock screener or directly adding stocks into a custom portfolio. The user can then compare different portfolios by seeing how the portfolio performed historically based on simulation on the various portfolio metrics.

Simple and intuitive financial app

Simple to use UI and the stock recommendations are updated daily a few hours after market close.

Notifications on stock availability
The portfolios provide notification if any of the stocks within the portfolio has become either a "Buy" or a "Sell" and the user can choose to act on these recommendations earning you precious time.

Stock Market Metrics

Upturn provides a simulated portfolio analysis to show how the portfolio compares to S&P 500 on various metrics, including statistics such as cumulative returns of the portfolio, financial information, annualized return, risk-adjusted returns (Sharpe ratio) amongst others.

Upturn app provides only recommendations and the users need to use a brokerage firm to "Buy" or "Sell" stocks.

Investing in the stock market is inherently risky. For more details on how it works and terms of use, please visit