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Apr 22, 2024
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Uqoud is the very first to combine contract management, eSignature, identity verification (eKYC), and archiving in one single platform.

Fully available in both English and Arabic languages, across all features and tools, Uqoud helps improve contract productivity to minimize approval time by over 70%, digitally sign and verify the identity of recipients, and generate contracts from online forms or while on the move.

We help businesses digitally onboard customers, become paperless, enable online sales and remote sales, create digital transparent procurement processes, and eliminate fraud through the latest identity verification requirements (KYC).

1- The Uqoud Contract Lifecycle Management

Manage your legal contracts through our web portal and mobile application in a fully secure and accessible from any device or location.

Uqoud helps businesses handle all contracts, invoices, or receipts from creation to approval; converting contracts to become digitally uploaded, negotiated online on one platform and one document, requesting specific action with deadlines to get contracts finalized faster and paperless. It also allows template creation for the fast generation of contracts and auto-filling contracts from online forms through API integration.

Upload documents in several different formats and create template contracts to refer to for frequent use.

Send documents between internal and external users or send bulk contracts for increased efficiency.

Set the document flow order and assign deadlines to each user to approve or take specific actions on the contract.

Send reminders and notifications to users for required actions and deadlines.

Carry out edits, comments, inset text, and strikethroughs directly within your contract.

Track and record all changes made to your document using time stamps.

Enable user verification prior to accessing documents using a mobile passcode (One Time Password), facial biometrics (eKYC), or eKYC and ID verification (on-demand).

2- eSign and match
Users can sign contracts remotely online using eSign, providing a secure and legally-binding online signature process.

Our award-winning dynamic signature matching capabilities allow you to compare the signature with your records to ensure compatibility and detect any attempts at signature forging.

We also offer analysis for single signature complexity, to avoid easy-to-forge signatures, as well as an analysis of the template’s coherence (in the case of multiple signatures).

3- Identity verification eKYC (electronic know your customer)
The platform also allows users to overcome any risk of identity fraud on signed contracts and ensure the identity of the user opening, editing, or signing the document through our latest eKYC technology.

The eKYC technology combines the following:

Allowing the user to scan their ID for our platform to capture the name and picture of the contract recipient/user and potentially authenticate the ID.

Facial recognition and liveness check – this allows the user to take a picture using their mobile device. The platform has the technology to ensure the picture is “live” and not a static image. It will then compare this image to the uploaded picture to ensure the identity of the user.

4- Archive and manage

Uqoud will also allow companies to store and archive contracts, with added features that will enable businesses to search for contacts quickly and smoothly. The platform allows a quick search of the contents of existing contracts, to quickly identify clients, suppliers, key terms, and key values.

Compliant in the US, Europe, MENA & GCC and available in Arabic, the platform brings convenience and peace of mind to businesses in multiple geographies, in particular, the MENA & GCC regions, with one tool to fully manage contract lifecycle, secure e-signing, eKYC and archiving.
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