US Army Frontline Sniper Survival Mission APK

Play as army sniper commando, fight & kill criminals in US Army Frontline Sniper

Version1.3 (4)
UpdatedMay 05, 2018 (2 years ago)
DeveloperGame Zone 3D
CategoryGames, Action

Let’s start work as an army sniper commando to accomplish the military mission to abolish the criminals in the city!
Start the battle with full force and passion; kill the criminals with your strong strike. Be at the frontline, act as a command force of US to win the mission, the real challenge is to kill the monsters with your strong weapons and extreme expert guns. The super survival adventure is started in town. City is under real war, evil commandos and monsters are attacking the city with their extreme warfare forces weapons. The monsters are taking down the innocent lives and citizens with their fury actions. This is the real military mission to be executed in time otherwise there will great destruction happen in no time, the will be demolished and destroyed by the bad hands. The best FPS US commandos are fully trained to up root the terrorism. Criminals & monsters are assaulting with their expert combat actions, execute the realistic American sniper mission to demolish the evil powers within minimum time.
You have to be the best US army commando in this real military FPS mission, be the best fury shooter in this warfare, attack with the modern guns and rescue from the monster criminals within limited time. Be the expert shooter and attack with the modern FPS forces strike weapons, this is the real modern extreme sniper mission with the great military challenge, be there be at the frontline as an US army frontline forces hero to execute this mission with full wisdom attacks, Kill all the rivals with your strike power, fight with them in this fury mission, play your role as army sniper commando to kill all the criminal monsters in this US Army Frontline Sniper Survival Mission 3D simulator army forces of 2018. In this warfare you have to act as super US army soldier to execute the fury assault military adventure.

Explore multiple weapons in this FPS military forces expert strike mission, be the fury shooter to attack the rivals with full action as army commando. Discover the real FPS military forces expert military warfare battlefield to become the US army commando hero in this modern sniper challenge. Be careful while attacking the monsters on the frontline because they may attack you with their FPS weapons so it’s up to you how you escape & save yourself with the super strike fury style, Rescue yourself with their extreme warfare assault attacks, shooter attacks, criminal warfare, locate the rivals & monsters with the help of map locate them within time, explore the maximum US army forces functions in this super real 3D warfare simulator. Win this sniper strike game with the full pride, attack the monster in this extreme FPS rescue mission, use the sniper rifle 3D guns, modern weapons in this realistic sniper warrior 3D game of the year 2018.
US Army Frontline Sniper Survival Mission is all about fury shooter fight actions and an extensive gameplay of elite commandos in the US army frontline mission to assault the evil powers that are destroying the city. Explore kill & actions styles in this US Army Frontline Sniper Survival Mission 3D game of the year 2018. Find enemy in the given time and kill them with limited bullets, find the resources and weapons as a reward in this FPS forces military commando mission of 3D simulator. Discover the world full of challenges and American warfare in this FPS fury action mission, eradicate the waves of enemies, collect the weapons as reward, diffuse the bombs, enjoy this atmosphere of fury shooter killing & attacking, taking the for the perfect shot and award.
*Key Features*
1. Thrilling army frontline missions to kill criminals
2. Sniper rifles & modern weapons to attack the rivals
3. Super crazy challenges to kill the monsters
4. Be a fury military shooter in super 3D simulator
5. Bomb diffuse missions
6. Highly addictive gameplay
7. Unique and realistic HD graphics

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