Join the US army force and get yourself trained in army training school games.


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Sep 16, 2022

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US Army Training School Game GAME

Follow the Drill Sergeant's instructions in army games. Dare to clear obstacle course army basic training and become a soldier from a simple citizen in US army training and games. Join the national guard military academy to pass initial entry training in the US Army training school games with an obstacle course in the army training games.
Enter military academy boot camp in combat US army games that will lead you to clear physical and mental training with obstacle course in army games. Step into the shoes of a commando one man army see how tough it is in army training to step up from ordinary to extraordinary. Battle in the leaderboard with troops across the world to show which country's army training and obstacle course is best in army games. Test your physical fitness and mental disciplinary level by playing this obstacle course base army games. It’s not easy to become a soldier in the national guard. Don’t let your country get dishonoured and humiliated in US army training games. Clear obstacle course across different US army posts terrain like dense forest, arctic snow, and hot desert field School Games. Escape the high school life and plunge into the craziest parkour obstacle course on the army base in army training games. Can you jump over a ten foot wall in army games, swim in arctic frozen weather and climb a net in desert heat in army training? Or crossed any obstacle course? As military personnel, you can pull this tough job but a normal person can’t in any US army games. Become a one-man army and face world armed forces to prove which country's army training forces are best by training in an obstacle course.
Enjoy this action army training games with US army basic combat training over different army posts. Enter boot camp and get online with the first call for military training. Avoid your uniform getting dirty in mud while training in an obstacle course. Play as recruits in platoon, follow the chain of command over rough terrain. Your uniform is your dignity, wear it with pride and honour at the School Games. Play and enjoy training in mud in front of your superior Generals. Face your family and friends to beat your score on the leaderboard. Exhibit fitness with physical training and mental training follow instructors drill sergeants first call in US army games. Clear military training camp by passing the commando battalion test in this action filled simulator game. Complete an intense obstacle course and follow a chain of command from platoon instructors. It’s easy to build 6 pack abs and gym fit body but it's a hell of a job to pass a special operation forces course in US Army Training games. Show real disciplinary and physical fitness by climbing a net or ten foot wall and more in US army games. As trainee do the drilling the different exercises to enhance your marine soldier skills by training in school games.

US Army Training School Games Features:
- Best US army simulation game with a real military school obstacle course in school games.
- Realistic military training with swimming, jumping, stealth, rolling and more in training games.
- Battle against world’s best military forces in army games
- Collect maximum medals to honour your forces in army training within time limits.
- Intuitive controls with battle engaging music to enhance your gaming experience in US Army Training games
- Three different army bases for clearing obstacle course in army school games

You’ve played high-school and military truck simulator games so download US Army Training School Games and make your country soldiers proud who fight with dignity.
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