Convert easily US Dollar to Indian Rupee or INR to USD and monitor the rate

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Free download US Dollar to Indian Rupee | INR to USD 1.3.67 apk app latest version for android


This USD/INR converter is not only a converter, it has 2 key features such as monitoring your exchange rate and it also allows you to calculate before converting.

- Set your wish rate

When you set your wish rate, this app will check every hour the exchange rate and once it will find out that the current exchange rate is equals or more than your wish rate, then you will receive a notification informing you that your wish rate is now possible !

Moreover you can anytime enable and disable your wish rate if you don't like to receive too often those notification, and it will deactivate automatically itself when you receive your first notification and you can of course reactivate anytime if you still want to monitor the rate with your wish rate which you can change its value with another value.

Regarding the conversion it's vice versa you can either convert USD to INR but also INR to USD, and it's possible for you to calculate before the conversion, after choosing from which currency you want to convert, then the calculator will copy paste the result to the currency you have selected.

Latest Version

US Dollar to Indian Rupee | INR to USD 1.3.67

Updated: 2018-05-31 (1 year ago)