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1.0 · Apr 11, 2021

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Uzbek - Russian Translator Free app

An excellent app to translate letters, words, sentences from Uzbek to Russian

The Uzbek to Russian translator application similarly helps as a translator word reference of words from Uzbek to Russian and Russian to Uzbek!!


The Uzbek language has a place with the Turkic language part of the Altaic language family which is altogether spoken in Uzbekistan. Unquestionably, Uzbek is a southeastern language of Chagatai part of the Turkic language family. Uzbek is generally spoken by the 30 million people of the World. Uzbek is similarly spoken in eastern Turkmenistan, southern Kazakhstan, northern Afghanistan, Turkey and northwestern China.

Southern Uzbek (ﯣزبېک‎ [o'zbek]) is spoken prevalently in northern Afghanistan. In 2011 there were about 2.9 million speakers in Afghanistan, and another 3,800 speakers in Turkey. Southern Uzbek is made with the Arabic substance, is instructed in schools, and used recorded as a hard copy and the media. It is generally called O'zbek, Usbeki, Uzbak or Uzbeki.

There are generally two tongues of Uzbek. One is Northern Uzbek and another is Southern Uzbek. They are regularly justifiable yet differentiated in syntactic features. Northern Uzbek is spoken in schools and used for entertainment and broadcasting purposes. Southern Uzbek is used as a language of tutoring, composing and is written in Arabic substance.


The Russian language has a spot with the Eastern Slavic social occasion of tongues. Russian is altogether spoken by the people of Russia. Russian is the neighbourhood and official language of Russia. Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan moreover use Russian as their position language.

Russian is a minority language in the countries of~






the Uzbek Republic




Around 250 million people in the World impart in Russian and 150 million people convey in Russian as a neighborhood language. The vital Russian chronicles were found at Novgorod in the 10th century. The old Russian was made out of them using an early type of Cyrillic letters altogether. A couple of messages in Uzbek,Latin and Uzbek were furthermore found in progress.


TEXT TRANSLATOR - The Uzbek to Russian translator application is prepared for interpreting Uzbek substance, letter, word, sentence, segment or repeated clipboard text into Uzbek to Russian language or Russian to Uzbek language. You just need to record or copy stick the substance you need to translate Uzbek.

VOICE TRANSLATOR - A magnificent component of the Uzbek to Russian translator application is the voice translator. From the start one needs to press the enhancer image and yell out the word or sentence you need to get translated. The mic will find a workable pace and will make an understanding of Uzbek words into Russian or Russian to Uzbek.

SPEAKER FEATURE - The Uzbek to Russian translator application has a wonderful part of speaker image that when you translate Uzbek or Russian messages or voices the interpreted Uzbek or Russian word or sentence result is enunciated in their after underscores if you tap on the speaker image.

LANGUAGE BAR -- The Uzbek to Russian translator application has a language bar where two bolts are shown. By pressing the bolt button you can without a very remarkable stretch switch between the lingos you're wishing to work with.

The Uzbek - Russian translator and Russian to Uzbek translator is a prominently included understanding tool for your android.

The understanding delayed consequence of the Uzbek-Russian translator can be shared into your electronic media accounts like Facebook, WhatsApp, joints,

The Uzbek - Russian translator has a basic UI for second understanding.

Uzbek - Russian translator is the most supportive for pariahs or for people considering obscure lingos.


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