Turn yourself into a vampire, Scare your friends with vampire face

If Vampire movies are your favourite movies, you may thought at least once make me Vampire as a real Vampire fan! Vampire Booth can help you to have a Vampire virtual makeup and avoid real bloody troubles, with Vampire Filter!

Wanna look really scary? Explore the possibilities in Vampire Camera, our newest picture editing software which can help you turn yourself into a Vampire Face in an instant! Download and see the frightening stickers in Vampire Face Changer for pics which you can add to your selfie and achieve a total makeover! Go around and scare your friends in Vampire Night, add Vampire Freak, vampire teeth to your face, some other scary sticker and become the main character of the most frightful horror story or make avatar for yourself with Vampire Avatar Maker!

Scary Halloween face paint can be made easy and FREE if it is Vampire Face Filter! Just select your photo, and this photo template will turn you into a vampire with fake vampire fangs! Create realistic Vampire Pictures thanks to Vampire Photo Editor.

If you loved Vampire Games or zombie stickers for pics, you will be overwhelmed with this vampire photo editor for Android™. It is so efficient, yet so simple to use. Don't wonder how to turn yourself into a vampire anymore, you don't have to use those complicated picture editing sites, all you need to do is take a perfect selfie with your camera, paste the cool stickers and – voila! – your scary photo is ready to come out to the light of the day. Vampire Editor easily and let everyone believe that your photo montage is real!

Vampire Editor Photo is a horror photo studio app and Vampire Apps. This app features many horrible vampire objects. You can edit your photo for Halloween. Makeup yourself for a Horror theme party of a Halloween party by using this app or make Vampire Wallpaper.

Vampire Yourself has a tons of super vampire stickers for the best selfie photo:

- Vampire teeth stickers.
- Vampire eye stickers.
- Vampire fangs stickers.
- Scary face stickers.
- Halloween stickers.
- Bloody stickers.
- Vampire makeup stickers.

Features of Vampire Yourself Maker:

- Easy and creative photo editor booth with horrible features.
- Many scary objects.
- Apply such vampire, blood objects to your pictures and scare someone.
- Decorate Vampire Face with Vampire Teeth, Vampire Eyes, Evil Horns and more.
-  Awesome filters
- High resolution photos.
- Add Text on photo.
- Lot of magic art effects.
- Enhance photos: Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Temperature, Shadows/Highlights…
- You can adjust photo stickers with moving them around with touch and resize, flip…
- Make someone horribly surprise with these edited photos.
- Share photos to friends and family persons via social media directly.

Enjoy the Vampire Yourself and make as many pictures as you want for free.
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What's New

- New vampire faces.
- Fix bugs and improve features.
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