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Apr 21, 2022
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Sumikko Gurashi collaboration underway!

VARK is an application that allows users to enjoy a variety of virtual events in a virtual space. For example, in a live event, everyone can participate at a fixed time, just like in real life, and enjoy the live performance of the artists "present" at the event while feeling a sense of unity. While based on the presence of the real world and the format of the event, we will deliver the best experience with a wide variety of content that fully utilizes the possibilities of the virtual world, such as "singing in front of you" and "the world changing in an instant.

This app is free to play, but you can also pay for it in-game.
Compatible devices: Android 5.0 and above, 64bit devices
Recommended devices: devices with 3GB of RAM or more
Please note that the supported environment and devices may be changed for future updates.
Please note that some devices may not operate on compatible OS versions or higher.
Please play in a stable connection environment.
The information is current as of December 17, 2021.
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