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Mar 12, 2022

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VaxiCode Verif APP

VaxiCode Verif is the official application for verifying proof of vaccination issued by the gouvernement du Québec.

The VaxiCode Verif application allows companies to check the proof of vaccination QR codes from their customers, and validate their vaccination status. The app indicates the result in the form of a color code (green for valid, red for invalid) that indicates whether the client is adequately protected against COVID-19 or not.

Verification of proof of vaccination is done locally on the device, without communicating with the Internet.

VaxiCode Verif does not save any information locally. Verified proofs of vaccinations are displayed for 10 seconds and then deleted.

No usage analytics are collected by VaxiCode Verif.

VaxiCode Verif requires a weekly update, via the Internet, of the vaccine protection rules. The app asks for user consent before downloading updated rules. The only communication with the Internet by VaxiCode Verif takes place when checking the availability of these updates.

Access to the camera is required to read QR codes of proof of vaccination.
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