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Veganiish is a judgement-free community and plant-based recipe treasure trove.

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Veganiish is a judgement-free community and plant-based recipe treasure trove. Join us to improve your health and the environment without losing your weekend bacon sandwich or being preached to by vegan purists. You'll find:

• A judgement-free community where you can connect with like-minded people
• The Veganiish 3-day Challenge - A taster of Veganiish to get your taste buds tingling.
• 1000's of delicious vegan recipes for free
• Bitesize info to help improve your health
• Simple changes you can make to be kinder to the environment

We created the Veganiish community app because we’d rather see millions of you eat more plant-based meals a week than a tiny number of you convert to 100% veganism. Veganiish is not for vegans. It’s for the everyday person who, by making small changes, can have a huge impact on their health and the environment.

It all began around our Founder, Mick Nagle's family kitchen table after a health crisis.

We had always been a family of meat-eating, Italian gelato loving and crumbly cheese-obsessed people. We’re a close family too, so when Olivia, our eldest daughter, struggled with her weight, confidence and mental health, we all wanted to help. Olivia became frustrated, having tried countless tactics to overcome her struggles. Then one day, she told us she was going Vegan. We sat at the kitchen table, paralysed with the ‘vegan fear’.

Help! What the hell will Olivia eat?
How will she get enough protein from a salad?
Does she expect us to join her?

A year later, we went Veganiish.

What happened to your love of bacon sandwiches?
Nothing. We saw changes in our daughter that were nothing short of a transformation. Olivia's happiness shone out of every pore, and her health improved dramatically. While a 100% vegan diet was the right option for our daughter, for us, it was the more flexible Veganiish way.

Why not go, Vegan?
Vegans, we love you, but some of y’all are discouraging to those of us who aren’t ready to go the whole hog (no pun intended). Instead of giving up, we created our own lane. We realised that we didn’t need to be vegan. We could continue to champion being Veganiish, indulging in a few of our favourite Italian cheeses and desserts, happy in the knowledge that we are healthier and making a difference to the world around us.

There is no right or wrong way to be Veganiish. People can choose their version of a plant-based diet based on their values and resources.

Why did you build an app?
As many of our friends became curious about the changes we had made, we spent increasing amounts of time sending our favourite plant-based recipes, treats and tips and support in group chats and texts. We didn't preach to our friends, we promoted progress and shared our ups and downs. Yes, that means the beautiful vegan recipes and the cheeky chicken wings at the weekend.

That's why we offer the 3-day Veganiish challenge. It is the perfect way to dip your toe into Veganiish thinking and has a 3-day guide with plenty of plant-based recipes to get your taste buds tingling.

Now go and eat your bacon sandwich in peace, but promise us you'll pop over to our Veganiish community, take a peek at our delicious plant-based recipes and cook up a storm in your kitchen. #thisisnotforvegans

Mick and the Nagle family

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