VeMUlator PRO: Dreamcast VMU emulator APK

SEGA VMU emulator with +5 pre-installed addictive mini-games!

Version1.0 RC1 (5)
UpdatedJul 23, 2019 (1 year ago)
DeveloperMJaoune Software
CategoryGames, Arcade

VeMUlator PRO is a SEGA Dreamcast Visual Memory Unit (VMU) emulator, which is capable of playing standalone mini-game files (.vms and .dci) and mini-games found in flash memory dumps (.bin) used in various SEGA Dreamcast emulators such as reicast and NullDC.

- Can run most known homebrews and official mini-games.
- Gamepad/controller support.
- Supports saving/writing to (.bin) flash files, so when a mini-game saves its progress, it is instantly saved to flash memory dump file (If flash save option is enabled from Settings.)
- Can run most common file extensions: .vms, .bin, .dci.
- Various screen colours for the user to choose from.
- Supports High-Level Emulation (HLE), which means it does not require the VMU BIOS to work, though it will be used if it exists (More recommended.)
- Written from scratch using native Android API.
- Has 5 built-in homebrew mini-games (Approved by their developers): Flappy Bird, Pacman, Tetris, Snake, Snakey, Vision.

PRO Features:
- Save/Load game state anytime.
- No ads.

How to use:
- Place your VMU ROM files in "VeMUlator/roms/" located in your internal phone storage, then launch VeMUlator and choose the game to start it.
- If you want to play flash memory dumps from reicast emulator, enable "Search reicast default save directory" option from the Settings and set the directory of reicast's system folder (Which contains the flash dumps), then from the main menu, choose the flash file (That ends with ".bin") to start the game it contains.
- If you have the VMU BIOS (VMU_BIOS.bin file), you can place it in "VeMUlator/" folder so the emulator would detect it and use it, it is recommended to use the BIOS if you have it to prevent unexpected bugs/glitches.

- If you experience crashes/bugs in-game, try installing the BIOS. To do this, you need to acquire the VMU_BIOS.bin file and place it in "VeMUlator/" folder, then disable "Enable HLE" option from the Settings.
- If you want to save your game progress, enable the "Save to flash file (.bin)" option from the Settings and be sure that the emulated file is of type ".bin".

- Dual-core CPU.
- 786MB RAM.
- Optional: VMU_BIOS.bin file (Can be placed in "VeMUlator/" folder in the internal phone storage.)

- Mahmoud Jaoune (Main developer)

Special thanks to:
- Marcus Comstedt
- Alessandro Sanasi (aka Tyro)
- guacasaurus_mex

What's New

v1.0-RC1 Changelog:
- Added a new game: snake.
- Fixed a major bug which caused massive FPS throttles when games switch between CPU frequencies.
- Made basetimer more stable and accurate.
- Fixed a bug which caused some games to run out of VRAM.
- Fixed some bugs regarding graphics processing.
- Other fixes and optimizations.

Email: mjaoune55@gmail.com

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