Versa GPS Logger APK

Logs GPS coordinates and displays them on a map. Exports to multiple formats.

Version0.00.449 (449)
UpdatedJun 21, 2020 (3 months ago)
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The Versa GPS Logger is more than just a GPS logger. It can log your track while displaying the track on the map so you can view your progress in real time.

The app lets you export your tracks to GPX, CSV, and NMEA formats (support for KML, KMZ, and other formats are planned).

You can use your current location in conjunction with a pre-recorded track to help you navigate the track -- an invaluable feature for hikers and backpackers!

Each log includes a Trip Summary, which displays statistics such as distance, duration, time moving, time stopped, average moving speed, maximum speed, elevation gain, maximum elevation, and minimum elevation.

The Trip Summary is updated in real time for the log (active log) that is currently recording. The active log provides real-time statistics updates but real-time updates of your track on the map!

The Home button provides quick and easy readout of the current coordinates (latitude, longitude) and other vital real-time information, including meta data -- all at a glance. The Home tab is designed for ease of reading on-the-go. The large font size and thoughtful formatting make make getting to the information you need quick and easy.

Real-time information includes speed, elevation, bearing, and distance traveled. Meta data includes accuracy, satellites acquired, and satellites fixed.

The graphical user interface on Versa GPS Logger is intuitive:
(1) The Home button displays the current coordinates and other statistic in real time.
(2) The Map button is a toggle that shows the Map or hides the Map on-demand (the Map is resizable).
(3) The Add Waypoint button adds a waypoint.
(4) The Start/Stop GPS Log button is a toggle that starts or stops recording your track.
(5) The Waypoints button shows you all the waypoints your have added.
(6) The GPS Log button shows you all the GPS logs you have recorded.

Versa GPS Logger also allows to you change the units to suit your preference (e.g. miles per hour, Kilometers per hour, feet, meters, miles, kilometers, etc.).

Whether you're a hiking, backpacker, runner, geocacher, driver, photographer or other outdoor hobbyist, Versa GPS Logger helps you preserve your tracks and waypoints for viewing and utilizing in the future. Since Versa GPS Logger supports the GPX file format (the de facto GPS logging format), the logs your record can be read and used by other popular GPS apps!

What's New

Changed default export options to enable all file formats.
Fixed crash on some devices that don't have a supported File Manager.
Added notification if the File Manager is not supported on the device.

Email: support@versagpslogger.com

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