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Auto RAM Cleaner APK

Auto Ram Cleaner: Giảm gánh nặng trên điện thoại bằng cách làm sạch RAM & Processes nền

Auto Ram Cleaner : Lowers burden on phone by Cleaning RAM & Background Processes when screen turns on. Lowers burden of battery by which phone battery lasts long.

Screen on cleaning - Cleans memory when screen turns on.

Automatically Free RAM By open up a screen lock & turning screen on.

Wait for just a sec. to perform action to spped up your mobile on startup.
It will Increase a Battery Life & speed to use a phone.

Functions as ram cleaner and ram booster simultaneously.
Makes your phone work like new one with more RAM Space Freed.

When you use a functions on ur mobile like whatsapp, facebook , media files mx video player,Video player, audio player, mp3 player, gallery, browsers etc….The RAM will take a Load on RAM Memory & runs these Files or functions (APPS). You do not always remembers to clean these processes loaded on RAM even though you don’t know to clean it. So when again you use your mobile it slow down or Hanging problem may arise. That’s why Auto RAM Cleaner will Automatically cleans mobile RAM & increase the speed of Mobile & Removes your mobile hanging Problem So always your device is like fresh & Speedy.


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1.9.1 (11) 14 th 03, 2020

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