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Phiên bản1.0.4 (1000004)
Cập nhật24 th 10, 2019 (cách đây 4 tháng)
Kích thước23 MB
Lượt cài đặt 100.000+
Thể loạiĂn uống
Nhà phát triểnbmapps

Mô tả

Great experience and delicious food to make should be the some of the reasons you have to try this cooking game where you get to bake a tasty good looking cake for a birthday party. Adopt your best version of master chef and prove what a delicious piece of cake you could make only with some instructions followed. There are some important rules to follow and different stages that need a special type of attention and dedication, make sure you get through all successfully and look at the instructions so you won’t burn anything. Grab a big bowl and keep putting the ingredients in.

First, add the butter, sugar and the vanilla extract and mix them well. In another bowl separate the eggs and leave them that way. Put baking soda with flour and the mix you made with butter together with milk. Pour the eggs, add salt and your dough is ready to be baked. Assemble the cake and put on all the details that are presented.

Once you are done you have to take care of the final decorations for the birthday party. Now that you’ve learned how to do it yourself you could try to make more cakes because they seem to be tasty and with a flavor of chocolate which no one ever could resist. Rediscover the art of baking and embrace the chance if you have to. Don't forget to have fun while you increase your skills.

Look at these awesome features this game offers:
- Realize birthday cakes
- Create impressive design for a delicious piece of art
- Multitude of accessories to put on
- Play with textures and merge it with the theme
- Opportunity to bake a cake from the ground
- Be a professional baker and a cake designer too
- Learn the art of cooking
- Free and easy to play
- Experience a wonderful gameplay
- Cheerful background sounds

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1.0.4 (1000004)25 th 10, 2019
1.0.3 (1000003)25 th 10, 2019
1.0.2 (1000002)09 th 09, 2017
1.0.1 (1000001)19 th 08, 2017
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