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Clear Fasting For Body & Mind

✅ Feel good and reborn
✅ lose weight naturally
✅ Strengthen your mind and become more mindful

Get the free app and follow popular fasting plans, track your fasting achievements and discover what interval fasting can do for you.

⭐️ For Body & Mind ⭐️

Interval fasting is more than just losing weight and better than any diet. You not only cleanse your body, but also strengthen your mind! In addition, fasting has a positive effect on your fitness, health and gut feeling.

😎 That's how it works 😎

Learn how intermittent fasting works, what variants there are and what to look for.
So you do not make mistakes, avoid JoJo effects and do not have to count calories.

1. Simply select a program, start immediately or let the app remind you later.
2. Track your fast and food windows with the friendly timer.
3. See your progress and get motivated by the app.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ Features ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Plans : Choose from popular fasting plans and track your progress.
Companion : Get reminders for your fasting intervals and see clearly your progress with the friendly timer.
Library : Explore the library and collect valuable fasting knowledge.
Free & Free : We're still in the startup launch phase. Until August you can use the app completely free of charge.
Great design : Fasting can also look nice and friendly.
No registration
No Ads : Ad-free.

🤓 Advantages 🤓

- Lose Weight : Fasting is the most natural way to lose weight and reduce your weight & belly fat.
- Healthy Wellbeing : Improve your health. This way you can prevent diseases such as Diabetes.
- Re-born : Fasting cleanses your body naturally (autophagy).
- Body & Mind : Discover new clarity through reflection, gain self-confidence and feel energetic.
- Aging Processes : Slow down the aging process.
- Fitness : Your muscle growth is stimulated.
- Allergies? : Allergies, inflammations and intolerances can get better.
- Better gut feeling : Interval fasting can relax your stomach and help with irritable bowel, flatulence, bloating and abdominal pain. In any case, talk to your doctor first!

🍩 Can I eat what I want? 🍩
Unfortunately, no! Avoid processed foods. Eat fresh and healthy foods best. Always remember to drink enough. Herbal tea is particularly suitable.

📋 Programs 📋

✔️ 14 to 10 (14:10) : Simple entry-level program. Miss out on your breakfast and Clear will remind you of your next meal window.
✔️ 16 to 8 (16: 8) : This popular method was made popular by Hugh Jackman or Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and is a great way to quickly lose a few extra pounds.
✔️ 18 to 6 (18: 6) : Slightly tamer than the 16/8 method. Your body starts to produce more ketones, autophagy sets in and your fat metabolism is in full swing.
✔️ 20 to 4 (20: 4) : A very restrictive interval fasting plan. Your self-esteem will improve and you become the master of your eating habits.
F More fasting programs : New programs are added regularly. Just write us what you wish: whisp.internet@gmail.com

Tính năng mới

Apart from stability improvements we are happy to present a new Clear+ feature many of you asked for: Drink Reminders! 💦

Activate it right away via notification settings in the "More" tab.

Email: hello@whisp.de

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