Mô tả: Impossible Tracks: Car Stunt simulator APK

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Cập nhật15 th 12, 2019 (cách đây 3 tháng)
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Nhà phát triểnAge Of Gamers
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“Hard-core Impossible Tracks fans will be amazed

Impossible Tracks: Car Stunt simulator is a platform based car stunt game having mind-blowing,
crazy, extreme car stunts and the most fun-to-play gameplay.Explore over-the-top action and
physics-bending car stunts in this latest trend of Impossible tracks: Car Stunt simulator with
all new features, more intense competitions and more new tracks and mean new challenges.
Crazy impossible tracks makes you glued to your screen due to its extreme stunts, extreme action
that at times makes you absolutely challenging and impossible game to play.
Impossible Tracks: Car Stunt simulator is one hell of car racing game on almost impossible tracks
and impossible terrains. Drive your cars on mega ramp, in extreme cars, monster trucks etc.
And, as in the real life, experience different weather conditions while playing.
After all, after the rain there is always the sun! Unleash your creativity, bring to life the track of your dreams
and share it with your friends and the car stunt games community.
Train your car driving skills and improve your abilities in the impossible tracks.
Impossible Tracks: Car Stunt simulator gives you complete control of every aspect of the car
while on the ground or in the air to create an incredibly detailed simulation.
You apply real racing techniques used by the pros and complete the most difficult tracks.

Impossible Tracks: Car Stunt simulator KEY FEATURES:
-new physics system, dubbed ‘Pro Physics’
-Never seen before stunts
-Addictive and challenging levels
-Smooth optimized gameplay
-Quality HD graphics
-Best surround sounds