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KeepLock - App Lock, Protect Privacy🔒 APK

* KeepLock - Trình khóa ứng dụng bạn cần cho quyền riêng tư của bạn *

KeepLock is a free app lock that locks important apps, system settings, and even your gallery. It prevents unauthorized purchase from your children captures intruders who were trying to access your phone.

✨With KeepLock, you won't have to worry about:
★People snooping through your phone gallery or deleting important information.
★Who's borrowing your phone and what sensitive information you have on it.
★Your colleagues answering your calls for you.
★Your Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, and other messages from being read by others.

💎Key Features:
Lock Profiles: You can switch profiles depending on your situation.
App lock: Lock important apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Whatsapp, email, etc.
System lock: Lock your phone's system to stop any app data from being deleted without your permission.
Hide notifications: Keep Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, and other notification previews away from others.
Intruder Snapshot: Capture intruders trying to access your phone and apps.
Lock Gallery: Lock gallery for your private photos and videos.

Safe: Created by one of the best cybersecurity teams, this app is safe and secure.
Low RAM: Requires little RAM to run.
Low storage: Small installation file that uses less space on your phone.
Easy to use: Simple interface that gives you desired results.

★Activate upon start-up: Allows KeepLock to start working immediately once your phone has booted up.
★Contacts & Messages: KeepLock will have notifications showing your unanswered calls and unread messages.
★Calls: Prevents others from answering your calls without your permission.
★Vault: Secure your images and videos from prying eyes.

KeepLock uses the Device Administrator permission.
Please activate KeepLock as "device administrator" to prevent KeepLock from being unistalled by intruders. KeepLock will never use this permission to access your private data.

KeepLock uses Accessibility service.
To save up to 50% battery life, please allow Accessibility service. KeepLock will never use this permission to access your private data.


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