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Thể loạiỨng dụng, Doanh nghiệp
Nhà phát triểnLinkedIn
Phiên bản4.1.433 (134100)
Cập nhật23 th 03, 2020 (cách đây 2 tuần)
Lượt cài đặt500.000.000+

Job search smarter with the LinkedIn app. Give your job search a boost by using our enhanced job search to filter through the millions of job openings to find the right ones for you. Create job search alerts, ask for referrals from your network, and apply with your resume or professional profile in just a few taps.

Not actively looking for a job? Use LinkedIn to build and keep in touch with your professional network and discover the latest industry news & opportunities. LinkedIn makes business networking easy - connect with companies, industry experts and the LinkedIn community, wherever you are.

5 reasons you’ll love the LinkedIn app:

- Professional profile: Create your own profile & highlight your skillset
- Job search & recruiting: Find jobs suited to you and apply with your resume via the app
- Industry news: Share articles or write your own posts
- Career opportunities: See if companies you’re interested in are recruiting
- LinkedIn community: Follow the activities of your connections

Apply for your dream job, share your knowledge or get the latest industry news. LinkedIn offers you the easiest way to connect with recruiting contacts, professionals and companies.

• Use your LinkedIn profile as a virtual resume to highlight your experience
• Professional profile: share your accomplishments, job responsibilities and skills

• Find jobs & apply using your LinkedIn resume
• Connect with recruiting managers & find new contacts

• Join groups and trusted communities that share and support your goals
• Import your contacts for a quick and easy way to grow your network

• Share articles with the LinkedIn community and your business contacts
• Write your own posts & share them with your network

• Follow companies, influencers and professionals to see updates & activities
• Business networking on the go; get new contacts and easily find industry experts

• Leverage your employees to build the talent brand of your company
• Showcase your company or product with a great marketing opportunity

With professionals, industry experts and job search tools and career opportunities at your fingertips, the LinkedIn app offers a great way to network, apply to jobs and find new contacts - straight from your phone, wherever you are.

Want to make the most of LinkedIn? Upgrade to a Premium subscription for exclusive tools.

We ask for a few permissions when you use this app. Here’s why: http://linkd.in/1l0S8YZ

Email: team-mobile@linkedin.com

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4.1.433 (134100) 23 th 03, 2020

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4.1.433 (134100)02 th 04, 2020
4.1.433 (134100)02 th 04, 2020
4.1.433 (134100)02 th 04, 2020
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LinkedIn: Jobs, professional profile, & networking
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