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Gà tây cao săn chắc Turkish nhất - Từ điển trực tuyến tiếng Anh với văn bản để nói

Turkeys most high-toned Turkish - English online dictionary, Tureng is now extending its database to the Android users.

Having more than 3.000.000 English and Turkish words and phrases, classified into categories by the field of their usage, Tureng Dictionary, aiming to give the most accurate result in the fastest way, now provides the users with audial pronunciation option to hear the terms searched in the dictionary in three different accents, British, American and Australian.

Our database is enhanced daily with the user suggestions and the additions primarily based on the “unfound’ words, phrases and idioms by Tureng translation team.

Provided by Tureng Ltd, established with the collaboration of the translators with more than 10 year-translation experience, Tureng Dictionary, being determined to carry on its studies unfalteringly, is a free online lexical service specifically targeting to those working in translation, education, engineering, business world and foreign trade industries.

For more information about Tureng Dictionary: http://tureng.com/aboutus

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