GO BIKE CAB đã cam kết tạo ra một tùy chọn đi lại khả thi cho một thành phố đô thị.

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24 thg 6, 2019
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Ứng dụng Amazing go bike cab

GO BIKE CAB was committed to create a viable commute option for an urban city dweller, keeping technology at the forefront. We were aware of the traffic jam problems that intersect our busy life, and so GO BIKE CAB was created. The public transport options available with larger vehicles are ineffective in slow moving traffic and are also expensive. This is situation where GO BIKE CAB offers an on demand app based and hailing 2 wheeler taxi services for commuters across the board, which is quick, convenient and economical. The bike taxi can enter places where neither a cab nor an auto can go. Whether it is your office, or your school or college, GO BIKE CAB will drop you at the doorstep.

GO BIKE CAB offers a safe ride, provides helmets, trained drivers, a helpline with keeping an eye for hygiene. Now commute faster than an auto with a rate cheaper than cab. GO BIKE CAB offers the service for all type of commuters and it is safe and secure.
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