AppChina is an Android application store from China where you'll find thousands of APKs of all sorts that you can't download from Google Play Store

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22 thg 3, 2022
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AppChina APP

In this application store, you'll be able to download thousands of apps that you won't find in Google Play. That's the main advantage of downloading and installing the APK of AppChina.

A great Chinese app store

As you've probably gathered from its name it's a Chinese app and as we mentioned above the greatest reason for downloading this APK is the wide range of apps available that aren't in the official Android marketplace. You can browse through different categories and download all sorts of tools and games for your phone, many of which you've probably never head about. It comes along with a well-designed interface and an intuitive navigation system, therefore, it shouldn't take you too long to get used to it.

That's if you can cope with Chinese, of course, as that's the only language in which it's available. Although in the case of an app store that's probably the least of our problems. Google Play or Malavida guarantee that their apps don't contain malware but in the case of this kind of resource, the controls aren't so strict.

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