Get the app to Automatically Clean and Boost your Phone.

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19 thg 7, 2018
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Auto Cleaner & Booster APP

Latest update features added:
- App redesigned
- Power Boost will hibernate your active apps.
- Scan and clean empty folders.
- App manager: disable applications and uninstall apps.
- Permissions required : Accessibility service & Draw Over the app.

Are you experiencing slow phone performance? Are you running a phone with low RAM ? You can try this application and it will surly help you to faster your phone's performance. The app will automatically clean cache, boost your RAM and close background running apps to faster your phone performance. All this happens automatically and you don't need to every time enter into the application to perform Clean and Boost process.
You can set your own time interval in the app and the app will auto perform clean and boost process to faster your phone's performance.

App features :
- App with auto cleaning and boosting process.
- You can carry out manual as well as auto cleaning process.
- The app will erase cache and stop background app to free your RAM for faster phone performance.
- The app displays free Ram and used RAM data.
- Set your desired time interval to carry out auto cleaning and boosting process.
- Get notification of amount of mbs cleaned every time the auto process carries out.
- Customize your white list by added apps. White list apps will not get affected by the Auto Cleaner & Booster process.
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