One App features BabyBus games, cartoons, songs, food, supermarket, makeup, cars

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BabyBus Kids GAME

BabyBus Kids is a collection of all the popular apps of BabyBus!

The app brings together nearly 1000+ cartoons of instructive nursery rhymes and 100+ educational interactive games. There are various area activities and virtual roles to accompany kids. All of your favorite content can be found here! Can't wait to explore the world that belongs to you? Let's create your own story!

100+ Classic Nursery Rhymes
Instructive nursery rhymes, food songs, role-playing games, safety songs, transportation vehicles songs, animal songs, kids songs, good habits, the kitten family, crazy monster cars, educational music videos, ten donuts, brave little train, etc.

100+ Educational Cartoons
Baby panda chef, super panda rescue team, baby panda care, occupations, magical Chinese characters, good habits, job & occupation learning, the kitten family, safety education, dinosaur series, I love kindergarten series, magical cars, little train, kitten, etc.

100+ Area Activities
Dinosaur, drawing, dressing up, princess, kittens, hospital, supermarket, amusement park, dessert, gourmet food, farm, car, safety... There are 100+ fun areas in the app! You can enjoy shopping in the supermarket or go to the movies. Want to go to the amusement park? Plenty of entertainment facilities are waiting for you! Or pack your luggage and start a journey from the airport! You may arrive in a coastal city through deserts and glaciers. Explore the beachfront hotel, the ice cream shop...Have a wonderful time!

Role Play As You Desire
Which role would you like to play? Policeman, doctor, chef, pilot, and more. You can play any role you like in BabyBus World! Like dressing up? Turn into a stylist and design stylish looks for your princess or pet. Fancy farm life? Raise animals, plant fruits and vegetables, and become a super farmer!

Start Endless Adventures
Little adventurer, are you ready? Go through the jungles and fight against witches; out to the sea and beat the pirates. Embark on a journey of adventure in BabyBus Kids! You can also travel back to the Jurassic period and visit the dinosaur kingdom, or go underground to help rabbits hide from enemies. Realize your adventure dreams with these fun experiences!

【BabyBus Kids】
There is always new content available every week in BabyBus Kids. Feel free to explore the world at any time and enjoy every moment of fun!

- Explore the world and create your own story.
- 1000+ cartoons of nursery rhymes rich in colorful instructive themes.
- 100+ popular BabyBus products all one app!
- 100+ areas to be explored: kindergarten, town, jewelry store, dream castle, dinosaur world, enchanted forest, and more.
- Classic IPs: Kiki, Miumiu, Monkey Sheriff, Mimi and other IPs, for little kids to grow up.
- Play different roles: astronaut, archaeologist, athlete, little captain, convenience store manager, little painter, and more.
- Endless adventures awaiting you: treasure hunt, deep-sea rescue, maze challenge, space exploration, time travel, and more.
- Weekly update, and new fun content available every week.

About BabyBus
BabyBus dedicates to sparking kids' creativity, imagination and curiosity to help kids learn independent thinking, build up self-confidence and respect others. We design our products from the kids' perspective to help them explore the world.

BabyBus offers a wide variety of products, videos and other educational contents for about 500 million fans aged 0-8 around the world! Until now, we have released over 200 educational apps for little kids, over 2500 episodes of cartoons of nursery rhymes with various themes spanning Health, Language, Society, Science, Art and other fields.

At BabyBus, we attach great importance to kids’ health and privacy. Before downloading the app, you can read our privacy policy here:

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